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Electronic Wood Systems GmbH

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Electronic Wood Systems offers a wide range of Quality Control Systems for the wood panel industry (Gauges for Thickness, Blow Detection, Area Weight, Scales, Moisture Analyzers, Density Profile Analyzers). The company also supplies advanced Spark Detection & Extinguishing Systems, easy to install and to operate, using a patented spray nozzle which results in significant less demand of water without losing its high effectiveness. The company is based in Germany and located just 30 minutes south of the LIGNA fairground.

Produtos e serviços

Moisture Measuring Systems, Area Weight Gauges, Thickness Gauges, Blow Detection Systems, Weight Scales, Dimension Measuring Systems. Laboratory Systems for Density Profile Measuring. Spark Detection and Extiguishing Systems.

Area Weight Measuring System MultiEnergy

Area Weight Measuring System MultiEnergy

The system measures the weight per area and is thanks of the adjustable x-ray energy extreemliy accurate. Example of location in MDF production lines: after pre-press before hot press.

Spark Detection and Extinguishing System ALF 8000

Spark Detection and Extinguishing System ALF 8000

The advanced spark detection and extiguishing system prevents fires and explosions in dust filters, bins, dryers in all kind of industries. Thanks to a patended spray nozzle the demand of water for extiguishmen can be reduced to up to 30% without loosing its effectivness for extiguisment.

Blow Detection System BLOWSCAN

Blow Detection System BLOWSCAN

The Blow Detection System detects blows inside of panel boards after the hot press. Systems especially for plywood and LVL lines are available.


Electronic Wood Systems GmbH
Robert-Henseling-Str. 1
31789 Hameln

Telefone: +49 5151 5574-0

Dr. Bojan Stahl
Sales Director
Telefone: +49 5151 5574-0

Siempelkamp do Brasil Ltda.
Rua Comendador Araújo, 510
cjto 302 andar-Centro

Telefone: +55 41 3232-6806
Fax: +55 3232-1516

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