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About us

Globally TIGRA offers the most complete product line with its various inserts for woodworking tools thanks to its high-tech production and advanced know how. With TIGRA´s products users achieve the best lifetime, breakage resistance and surface finish in natural wood as well as in chipboard, MDF and HDF. At Fimma visitors will see a suitable assortment of products such as reversible knives, blanks for profiling, thin planer knives, strips and tips for brazed cutters, rods and blanks for corrugated cutterheads. Additionally TIGRA will present its wide range of saw tips offering optimized and beneficial solutions for any application in the most appropriate carbide grade. E.g. the 100% controlled saw tips “Made in Germany” are offered in standard and premium grades. To meet the highest tool life demands in working laminate, MDF, chipboard and aluminium.

Products and services

TIGRA´s product range:

  • Reversible knives
  • Blanks for profiling
  • Thin planer knives
  • System planer knives
  • Back corrugated knives
  • Saw tips
  • Rods
  • PCD blanks and segments
  • Strips and tips for brazed tools
  • Preforms
  • TIGRAlloy Plus products
TIGRA´s unique product range for woodworking and metal working

TIGRA´s unique product range for woodworking and metal working

The tungsten carbide product range includes cutting inserts and tips for brazed tools for woodworking, blanks for metal and composite material working cutters, carbide inserts for tipping with ultra-hard cutting materials, carbide wear parts of various types, knives for the foil, textile, leather and composite material working industry and all types of carbide products due to the customer´s specific drawing. The product range is completed with PCD, PCBN, HSS and other materials.

Saw tips manufactured in Germany

Saw tips manufactured in Germany

A few years ago TIGRA started the complete production of saw tips in Germany. Thanks to many years of experience in the production of tungsten carbide and our consistent work of developing the most suitable carbide grades for our customers TIGRA delivers carbide saw tips achieving optimized results in various applications. TIGRA´s unique selling proposition is our customers´ quality benefit: each single saw tip is automatically checked by camera systems excluding dimension tolerances and cracks!

News & Innovations

TIGRA as YOUR advanced partner for woodworking solutions 

TIGRA will present its worldwide unique product range such as reversible knives, blanks for profiling, planers, carbide strips, back corrugated knives, rods and special-cutter knives for cutting textiles, leather, foil, cardboard or foam and composite materials. To achieve best results in most applications, TIGRA permanently develops and improves its carbide and PCD grades. With the recently developped corrosion resistant carbide grades TIGRA sets advanced standards, especially for TIGRA´s range of saw tips. The best saw blade cannot be better than the saw tips brazed on it.

Our decisive motto:

  • For each material, the best grade for our customer´s application!
  • Premium quality for highest demands
  • New corrosion resistant carbide grades set new standards in woodworking
  • Most rational production for competitive prices!
  • 100% control = 100% satisfaction!
  • Made in Germany: No compromise on quality!
  • Best cutting results at long tool life!


Gewerbering 2
86698 Oberndorf am Lech

Phone: +49 9090 968001
Fax: +49 9090 968050

Ernesto Erler
Managing Director TIGRA do Brasil Ltda.
Phone: +55 41 32763731

TIGRA do Brasil Ltda.
Rua das Carmelitas 586
Hauer, Curitiba-Paraná CEP. 81.610-070

Phone: +55 41 32763731
Fax: +55 41 33773075

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